2016              Got a new lap top                       Returned to Dell, got a new one that works (June/July)

Up to Aug 18                           Added

                            worked all over site (fixing)

                            THE CROSS                              Opened, new icon and marquee

                            HIS HAND                                  Worked on

                            HIS HANDS                                Separated into 2 (The short version, and the longer)

                            KING'S CHOICE                         Added another item

Up to Aug 30       Worked all over website


                            Thank You Jesus Accesories     Added

                            The Painted Brush                     Added

                            My Father's Business                Perfecting (still working on)

                            SECRET Ministry                       Added new ones

                            CPWA                                        Added new Tile Tracts

SEPTEMBER       MY FATHER'S BUSINESS         Opened (finished maybe)

                            THE BLOOD                              Added (opened) - added music (about The Blood)

                            FROM THE HEART                   Added to - and "heart" music

                            CPWA                                        More Tile Tracts

                            MIRACLE DRAWING                 Worked on to open - added Draw song

Oct 1                    MIRACLE DRAWING                 Opened

                            WHAT'S NEW                             Cleared out old work log


Oct 1-?                 Housework time                        Much needs done now
​Nov. - New years   Joseph's hip surgery                (D-25) Christmas, (D-28) Marie's Birthday, (J-1) New Years,

Jan                                                                        (J-2) Anniversary (J-23) Our son's birthday/Joseph's back surgery (police car accidents)

2017 Jan. - Aug    All over website                        checking for errors, adding, fixing, etc.

July 21-Aug 18     SCHNAUZER HOLLYWOOD      Announcing litter of pups (4 girls), wording, pictures, 

August                  OUR BABY                                wording

                             HEART MINISTRY                     new tracts

                             AM I                                           wording

July - August        MEET JESUS                             Added song, videos, wording

Aug 17-19            SECRET MINISTRY                   Added "secret" music, wording, new "secret"

Aug 18 - 28          SECRET MINISTRY                   Added 3 more secrets                             

                            SCHNAUZER HOLLYWOOD      < Got a surprise to share FROM THE LORD!

Aug 29 - Sept 1   HEART MINISTRY                       Added more hearts

Sept 1 - 10          COOKBOOK (PORK)                 added recipe

Sept 11-13           SECRET                                    new one, fixed page,                             

Sept 17                SCHNAUZER HOLLYWOOD      added to, and the music

                             AM I?                                        added song

Sept 21-Nov         We have a litter of puppies!       I am so busy with the pups

                             SCHNAUZER HOLLYWOOD      Almost every day I work on this

Oct                       Our youngest son and wife moved in and helping us in everything



So many miracles, wonders, and signs to record!

Got "1JMM" Feb 13, 2015 and started downloading (my heart, soul, and mind) a 59+ year walk "with God (where) all things are possible" 

This is the place you first come to see what we have done since your last visit. Only a few months of recorded activity will be stored here, so make sure you come back before the cut off.