They LOVE peanut butter & crackers too!​​

                                                                                         THERE'S A NEW BOY IN TOWN!                                                                                          His name is "Sir Remington's Chiefy"

                                                                                            (AKC)  We call him "Chiefy"

​                                                                                                            He is an awesome little guy!  He is

                                                                                                            black & Silver and full of spunk!

                                                                                                            We got him on "All Saints Day" 2016

                                                                                                            ("Planned?" No, not planned at all, it

                                                                                                            was God :-)  Isn't that like the Lord?

                                                                                                            who provides? And the Lord couldn't

                                                                                                            have picked a better couple to receive

                                                                                                            me!  They were beautiful Christians  

                                                                                                            on a beautiful piece of                                                                                                                                         property, in a very 

                                                                                                            large, lovely rustic,

                                                                                                            cabin-like home, and

even took me out to a fine restaurant, then asked me to spend the night before

leaving because I drove straight there (no sleep).  I had made homemade (from 

scratch) pumpkin pies and took them one (they happen to love Pumpkin Pie!) and 

the weather was perfect fridge temp. and the trunk was the fridge. Cool, huh?  ​​Thank You Jesus!

WE HAVE A LITTER! Lil'Chief impregated Pawla. And, July 21, 2017 she gave birth to 4 females (3 Salt & Pepper and 1 "TOY" Black & Silver) and the middle of September

the pups will be ready to go to new homes!  This is another way we plant love in the world. These pups come with over 60 Champions in bloodline, AKC papers, show-quality look, and is as healthiest as you can find!​  LONG LIVE THE SCHNAUZERS!

                                                                                                           < Before I groomed them, I took their picture at the patio door

                                                                                                              all hair was cut, except "Fluffy" (my daughter-in-law calls her).

                                                                                                              "Gracie" is bought and named by owner (who is recovering 

                                                                                                              from surgery) and we agreed to keep until December.

                                                                                                              "Toya" we call her because she is the "Toy", and "Mini" is

                                                                                                               for "Mini-Me" (like her Mommy, and is a "Mini" Schnauzer).

                                                                                                                          CLICK ON THEIR STAR...





     $1,350./Toy (rare - nearly half the size)

     $300./Breed rights ("Full Registration")

     $500./Stud Fee, or first choice of 1 pup 

     "Toy" < purse size, eats less/goes less,

     ALWAYS looks like a puppy no matter

     what age. One of the treasured qualities

     of having a mini-schnauzer, especially "toy".


Deputy        Lil'MS


-  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  SCHNAUZER BOOKS I LIKE  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -


       This is called

​"The Schnauzer Spread"

Jesus chose a sweet, innocent, little creature (a lamb) to explain God's love, the "Mary" 

of this website has many little lambs ("dogs"). Is it any wonder "DOG" is "GOD" spelled

backwards? I believe we will be judged for any harm we do to the loving, lamb-like spirit...

"Whoso rewardeth evil for good, evil shall not depart from his house."Pro 17:13

We reap what we sow! My heart aches for all the abuse on God's innocent creatures

who cannot defend themselves, who were made for us to feel loved from HIM!     

PLEASE UNDERSTAND: this ministry aims to educate and prevent abuse


THE CHIEF Joseph with Lil'MS & Deputy (Little beggers!)



We love Schnauzer comics, here is our collection.....................................even if the comic just resembles schnauzers.


JOSEPH & MARIE ARE DOG LOVERS...but favor Schnauzers (any size)

We have "Miniature", our friend has "Standard", and cousin has "Giants".

I, Marie, will NEVER be without a schnauzer!  I have observed so many amazing things they do, so much so that I started writing about them, first starting with emails, like "You won't believe what...!" to my "Schnauzer" friends, then contributed to some websites, then, one thing led to another and one day it hit me, "I have to write a book, a book on why Miniature Schnauzers are known as "the most affectionate" and "with human brain".  So, I have been collecting stories, most are stored in my mind and waiting for something like this to get it going (the many "stories" are below).  I love to make Schnauzer things, so I turned it into a business. I also want to start an annual "Schnauzer Picnic".  I have spoken to many Schnauzer lovers and they are all for it. But we need more to start it.  I would like to advertise everywhere possible, offer prizes, have maybe a Schnauzer FLEA market too. < Exchange names and info. even on stud services, etc. Share secrets                                                         and things to make their life more enjoyable.

                                                      <  This is our "Lil'MS. She was about 6 months here, right now, she is going on 15 yo. She is

                                                           so healthy, the Vet thought she was 6 years old!  Her last puppy (sold) was a "toy" and

                                                           lives in Sandusky, Ohio now, but we kept the twin sister who is twice her size and named                                                               her "Pawla" because she always expresses herself with her paws...she is so smart!​  And

                                                           like mother, like daughter,  Pawla has "toys" too.


4. They are sooo smart!!!

5. Come to find out, they are known as "The dog with the human brain."

6. They are non-allergetic

7. They don't have the dog smell, even when they haven't had a bath for months
8. They don't eat/go much

9. They don't shed

10. They are sooo patient

​11. They don't mind what you do with/to them...dress up, dance with, rough up, sleep, go places, feed, brush/comb, bathe, run, etc.

12. They live in our world and not the dog world, always want to know what you think, eat, say, do, etc. 

​13. I love to groom them! I leave the eye lashes real long, that's what the Lord intended eye lashes for, and they stand out!

14. "Angelic", they are the closest thing to God's love in life!  So I got many ;-)

​14. Since "God is love" < that tells us, the lovingest creatures He made are favorite!

This ministry is dedicated to those who believe in "LOVE" (God)

These pups followed me everywhere!  A nurse bought Teddy (my favorite) and we cried at departure, I had a feeling he was going to be mistreated in his new home. The woman said "My husband wants this dog, but I love cats!  The last dog we got rid of...our teenage son named him "Samson" < I came to visit (to see if he was okay and he screamed for me!  Grabbing at me like never before! I know he was saying "PLEASE TAKE ME BACK HOME!!!"  She said they will be moving far away soon (a few towns away). "Samson" < Yuck! Not a name that matches such an adorable little guy, maybe a German Shephard or Pitbull.

Years later, I met a woman who invited me over, we sat and talked about the Lord and the dogs she had "I had a schnauzer once, his name was 'Samson', someone gave him to us, he was too good looking, walked proud...he kept trying to run away (looking for me?) and got hit and lost an eye, a man in a wheel chair has him now somewhere." (That nurse must have given him to them! their houses were a few miles apart, and I think she said they went to the same church).

Oh how I wish I could see Teddy again!  I cry every time I think of him, I just know he was abused and it breaks my heart.


Stashu, Stash, Deputy, Lil'MS, Popeye, Einstein, Pawla, Lil'Chief​ < We have kept and loved 8 Miniature (and Toy) Schnauzers in 40+ years. We loved the rest ("puppies") in tears knowing they would soon be someone elses love...forever (if they make it to heaven, otherwise, they're all mine! :-)   And, I am anxious to meet the people whom God helped make/design the Miniature Schnauzer Breed.  Whoever brought this precious comfort fuzz into existance, I want to be the first to hug and thank them!

Stashu​ 1980 - 1981
Months were like years going bye, our sons were both out of diapers and walking, but we still didn't have hundreds of
dollars to get our first Mini-Schnauzer. One day I picked up a newspaper and searched daydreaming (wishing and hoping) and found someone was selling one for $100.!!! I talked Joseph into getting, wow, what a mistake! NEVER BUY CHEAP!!!  I felt so sorry for this little guy, eventhough he was not what I expected. His body was weak, long, and he was sickly (found out later). He only lived to be 1 year and died in his sleep < I was horrified, felt guilty for not "...paying more attention to him, maybe we didn't feed him what he REALLY needed, maybe he had heart worm, maybe..."
Stashu 2/"Stash" 1984 - 1999
                                         JESUS LOVES YOU
                                        Because of certain circumstances, we were living pay check to pay check on a police officer's salary and

                                        still could not afford a Mini-Schnauzer for our boys, and did not want just any MS this time. One day, we                                              took the boys and visited my folks. A good friend of my Dad's was there. We met

                                        Riley LeMay and wife, Josephine LeMay. Come to find out, she babysits and raises

                                        Mini-Schnauzers...AND is a 'born again' Christian!!! She invited me over for a chat

                                        and we became like Mother and daughter!  I loved her so much, and her southern

                                        cooking! I'll never forget the day trying to find her house, pulled in the driveway

                                        and "JESUS LOVES YOU" is on a big sign with a big yellow smiley face at her door!

                                        One day, a few days before Christmas, the phone rang "...can you come and get this last pup and make payments? We are leaving for Terre Haute, Indiana for our family Christmas and we do not want to take him with."  :-) YES! Thank You Jesus!!!  Went, got, and put him in a decorated box under our Christmas tree and Joseph came home with the boys and what did they say when I said "Guess what's under the tree?!" How did they know "A dog!"? God's timing is perfect for His gifts.


"Stashu" is Joseph's Polish Grandfather's name (from Poland), it is "Stanley" in English. Joseph's Dad would use that name so much in his jokes, like "Hey Stanley, why you planting a plant in each of your neighbor's yard?!" and Stanley said "The package says 'Plant a yard apart'." (I loved the name! and his jokes, and miss him dearly!)  Our son Derek taught "Stash" how to do tricks, he also taught him to say "I LOVE YOU". One day, I asked Stash to say "I LOVE YOU" and he refused and refused (strange).  We left to go out to eat. The second we opened the front door to come in, we're greeted with "I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU!" < as if He thought he had been punished by staying home alone to think.  Schnauzers are definately people pleasers!!!
Chief's Deputy Dawg 2000 - 2013                                                                                             

                                   JOSEPH'S DEPUTY

                                   When Stash passed on, there was a few months we were without, Joseph had

                                   just retired Jan. 1999, so I got him the best retirement gift (a deputy)! I named

                                   him for Joseph, "Deputy" it was! Called AKC and they said "...just checked,                               < Blue eyes

                                   and see that no one in all of AKC history ever had the name 'Deputy'!" < Wow!

                                   Out of millions (billions?) of dogs? "Deputy" fit this little guy!  He had beautiful

                                   blue eyes for about a year. The first moment we got him, he gave me kisses after kisses as if he was so

                                   grateful, then when he fell asleep, he had terrible nightmares. So he slept on my chest ALL NIGHT LONG with

                                   me holding him snugly. With one eye open and one shut I assured him that he was just fine, safe and

                                   loved so much! ​He played with a low smooth growl at everyone (even when exchanging kisses) and this trait became his personality. Everyone thought it was funny throughout his life. I suspicioned he was hurt by someone in the breeder's care.  Deputy was gorgeous! over 23 Champions in his pedigree (we counted). 

 I drew this in the hours of my grieving >

Li'l MSChief 2002

                                FETCH - Wasn't long after we got Lil'MS (a few months old), I saw her sitting at the back of our yard and her

                                head was going back and forth while she sat there. I wondered what would make a puppy do that? So I

                                went out to investigate and found she was watching our neighbor playing fetch with their Daschund. A few

                                days later, we were having a BBQ picnic on our patio and Lil'MS came up to me with a tree branch she found

                                in the yard and dropped it at my feet and anxiously stood there wagging her tail and moving her head back

                                and forth in the dirrection she wanted it to go, to get me to throw it!  SHE WAS TEACHING ME to play fetch!!!
WELL EXCUSE ME! - Lil'MS always loved to lay next to me in bed with her back against mine (so sweet). One night, I was uncomfortable and moved a bit. When I felt comfortable, I realized that I did not feel her at my back anymore, and just at that thought, she gets up on all fours, and lets out a big sigh (for me to hear) as she throws her back into mine!

DR. Lil'MS - One day, I am sleeping in bed, and I hear Lil'MS jump up softly on the bed and tip toes to me as I am listening (not moving). She comes with her nose very softly to my nose and I held my breath to see what she would do, and she kept her nose there for as long as I held my breath, and when I started breathing, she left!

TAP DANCER - Just recently (2017), I was at the PC and heard clicking and clacking noises in the family room. Thought they would stop but they kept up! I got up and walked to where the noise was coming from and saw Lil'MS standing in our hexagon coffee table (usually stuffed with dog toys, but is empty at this time for cleaning) busy tapping her toenails on the bottom like she is very much enjoying the racket! As soon as she saw me she stopped! I pictured a little sign hanging at the entrance saying "Lil'MS Tap Dance Studio". She has been doing this regularly and I hope I can get it on camera soon, without her realizing I am near, because she always stops when she gets my attention (her goal?) or maybe she thinks she's in trouble for doing that?

One day in prayer, the Lord spoke to me, He revealed that 2 women would come into my life soon, one would be Chinese and one black (I never knew any). I said "Okay, Lord." Both our sons left the nest and I wondered what we would do with our 5 bedroom brick ranch "sell?"  Felt bad that so many souls are suffering and we are taken care of by the Lord and even have a little extra to share, I thought "...and I could use some help with some housework...in exchange for room and board, and the fellowship would be nice." I called the hardship places. Then, one day Catholic Charities called and asked if I would take in a Chinese lady < THAT I knew was okayed by God and I said "YES!"  Jiping struggled for years to learn English (she knew none when she came here from China about 10 years prior). She would fix her Chinese food and made the mistake of sharing a bit with Lil'MS. Every day since that time, whenever Lil'MS smelled her food, she would stand outside Jiping's room and growl bitterly long then bark until Jiping would obey her wishes! Her growls would sound just like she was saying "I know you're in there with food! Give me some, now!" One day, to my surprise, Jiping picked her up, looked her in the eyes and said "You are so cute, I could eat you!" We laughed but I just had to question later if she was refering to Chinese eating dogs and she said "What? Who said they do? Nooo! LOL! That is just an expression..." (Whew!)  Jiping's cousin was a Catholic priest who would visit on thursdays 1 hr. to overnight. Jiping is now an accountant at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio (she's a math wiz).


Our son, after Arizona Highway Patrol job, became a guard for a US miltary base in Kosovo, for 4 years, and one evening, the phone rang, I answered to "Mom...I found the woman I want to marry! (worried she will keep him overseas, I called on the Lord!)...But I have 3 things I need to tell you, are you sitting down?

                                                                          #1. she is 14 years older than me, #2.

                                                                          She can not have children, #3. she is

                                                                          black." (come to find out, she is from

                                                                          Chicago, Ill. and her Dad is a retired

                                                                          FBI) I provided them a Grand-Doggie > 

                                                                          she named him "Asher" and got one

                                                                          for her sister and named "Reuben"

                                                                          (Bible names). Joe dreams of having

                                                                          Giant Schnauzers someday! He said he will have the best, even if he has to go over seas to get.  One day (when he was younger, but on his own), I asked him when he wanted his first Schnauzer (of course it would be from our supply) and he said "Mom, I like BIG dogs!" I looked at him with a BIG smile, which he could only interpret as there are BIG Schnauzers! And what came from his mouth? "Are there BIG Schnauzers?" Is it a coinscidence they were designed for police work and my Joe's are in law enforcement? He then spent night after night investigating the Giant Schnauzers, learning all about them. And yes, "Schnauzer" is German for "beard"/"Shnout"), half our ancestors were German ("Buck" and "Knak").

Lil'MS' favorite toy was a soft latex squeeky pacifier (from the UK).  It was very light weight and sensitive. Someone sold these here in the US, then they ran out and I had to hunt all over the internet for, and they were double, triple, and more in price. They went from $3.50 to $18.00!!! but the last few we bought did not last very long. Some, the rubber would deteriorate in weeks to a couple months, unlike the first one...lasted about 3 years. So we tried other simular products but they did not work like she wanted. She would take the handle in her teeth and shake her head back and forth until the nipple was smacking her cheeks, and she would get that thing going so fast it almost sounded like one long squeek! She loved it!  After about 50 or so squeeks, she would get tired. It was the funniest thing just to watch her smack herself so hard just to get it to squeek! It had like a little monkey on the side of the handle and it was colorful, the whole thing was mainly pink. We would buy it on a regular basis because it was something she enjoyed so much, but now, she has been without it for over 5 years. Just can't find them anymore :-(

Popeye 2006

Einstein 2010

Pawla 2012

Lil'Chief 2016


Sept. 2017, ​I went to the pet store. after finding the right bones and toys I was looking for (for months) I noticed they had a better color of one and got distracted and forgot to put the other one back (accidently having 2 squeeky toys when I unpack at home). So, I gave one to the pups and one to Lil'Chief. One day, he was biting on his and squeeking it, the next thing I hear, one of the pups in their cage on the other side of the wall was FINALLY biting theirs! When one would stop, the other would start. This sounded like they were playing a game and it went on for some long time until they grew tired of. It was so cute to hear the pups responding to Daddy's squeeking his toy!


Josephine LeMay picture


< Deputy & Lil'MS gave us much...love, entertainment, laughter, joy, security barks, mental comfort, physical fitness, instant heated pad for the cold days, eliminating varmets from yard, good Schnauzer friends, knowledge, even entertained Grandma and Grandpa's

last days on earth, liveliness in our home, many litters, and good pedigree for healthy puppies...  to be thankful for"THANK YOU JESUS! Thank You for thinking of our pleasure here on earth.


                            WHY "SCHNAUZER HOLLYWOOD"?
                                                       "Let all that you do be done with love." 1Co 16:14

                                                                       It is from God...

       Wow! I am so excited and praising the Lord for this...THIS DAY! "August 24, 2017"!  In 62 years, this is the FIRST TIME I heard that "dog" was "celeb" in Hebrew!!!  I, of all people NEEDED to hear this (ANOTHER GIFT FROM GOD < "Thank You Lord!")  Let me explain...Jewish people fathomed, founded, and funded "The Entertainment Capitol of The World" ("Hollywood").  The Jewish people are the most blessed by God because of Abraham "and in thy seed shall all the families of the earth be blessed."  They brought us THE TRUE WORD OF GOD, Scripture, Jesus Christ, Salvation, Miracles, Wonders, and Signs, The Holy Land, etc.  God said YOU will be blessed if you pray for them and Jerusalem. In my early years of marriage, my mother called me (out of the blue), "I'll have you know that of all my 9 children, I named you after a Jewish ancestor...!" (Great-Grandma Anna Simon) I was mesmerized ("Was this a sign from God?"). 


       I found God at age 7 (secretly on my own), God called and chosen me Jn 15:16 >

for something great to do for Him in my future (I felt it), but my mom ripped up

                                        < MY BIBLE before I knew how to read. I wanted to know

                                           "Jesus" because The Gideon Bible Institute handed me

                                           that Bible and said "Jesus loves you" and I believed it!

                                           (my heart/spirit was right with His). At age 7, I perceived 

                                           the whole world (around me) as wicked...never felt His

                                           kind of love from anyone, yet, I easily loved.  My heart

was hurting until age 7 (and it had to be "Jesus" love to heal it?)  After crying  

my eyes out, thinking my only "hope" in this world was gone (my Bible), I hear

(assuming it was my voice) "I KNOW! I can make Jesus my invisible friend, can't take that away from me!" < I fell for it, hook, line, and sinker! (had always felt like a fish out of water because of this experience).  "My sheep hear My voice..."Jn 10:27 I now see this is how a prophet ("My servants, the prophets" ) is formed to do work for ("serve") "Jesus"/God. When I asked my mom "Why isn't there 'Love' in this family?" (caring, concern, respect, selflessness, hugging and kissing, "I love you", etc.) She replied, "Oh you just love LOVE!"  One day, when she came to visit, our 2 sons ran to the door with open arms, hugging and kissing her, saying "I love you Grandma!" She was in shock, saying "What? I have never seen this in any of my grandchildren...!" (she had 9 children and they had lots of children).  My younger brother (who became Baptist), said "Oh 'Love, Love, Love'!" and slammed the phone in my ear, then a month later did the same thing!  I found "Love" = God ("God is love"1Jo 4:8) < This is where I got "Your love is believable, if 'LOVE' is your God" < a prophet hears things IN THE SPIRIT and notes them (see "From The Heart Ministry" icon on homepage < The Lord constantly gives phrases to me for sharing).


Not that I knew any Scripture or planned it out, but one day, I looked back on my life and saw I had a NEED to surround myself with things that felt like "love" (heaven/God)...teddy bears, roses, crosses, angels, heavenly pictures, Bibles, Christian books, Christian music, and sweet, cuddly, lovey-dovey DOGS (but not

just any dog), God introduced me to the TOY Schnauzer at 18 (my car ran out of

gas and an elderly man in a Hollywood-blue convertible with a TOY SCHNAUZER

PUPPY he just got, rescued me and my eyes fell in love! (with the pup) "...He shall

GIVE THEE THE DESIRES OF THINE HEART." Ps 37:4. Got married (to Joseph),

had 2 boys and bought my first "schnauzer", after that, it became a business

of joy "Schnauzer Hollywood" because I am an artist/inventor and need good 

photos of Schnauzers for my posters, packaging, videos, etc. I say "The closer you get to The Creator, the more creative you get." < "From The Heart ministry".  Like today (when I found out "Celeb"), I was thrilled to find out that Schnauzers are known as "The most affectionate dog (breed) in the world" and "The dog (breed) with human brain" < Thank You Jesus!  NOW, when people come to buy a pup, I can say "This little celeb..." ;-)  Stars are made with their name and paw prints in, in the walk up to my house, front room is my business with "schnauzer" things everywhere!                I've witnessed over 100 "miracles, wonders, and signs"Ac 2:22 ("approved of God" Ac 2:22), and am writing books on.  For one, I had a miraculous healing with THE LORD'S HANDS in my back for 3 days and 3 nights! Could count the fingers, thumbs, and wrists at spine (suffered 9 years a fractured spine - diving accident).  Over did it in yard work, in excruciating pain, with new symptom of paralyzation coming up from feet to bottom of heart, got in house, dropped to floor, at the point of death, just before the paralyzation stopped my heart, alone, I cried out for healing and was instantly healed! Years later, I found "operation of His hands"Ps 28:5, Is 5:12 < NUMBERS are my birthday, and LETTERS mean "spine", and I would not have known if I were not a prophet, I heard "Look at the Scripture verses" (3 times before realizing it was God's voice of instructionDt 4:36). Then, nearly 20 years from the healing, I read and studied those Scriptures and learned they mean...if anyone desregards my testimony, He will destroy!  NOW, ISN'T THIS LIKE THE LORD to reveal this "celeb" NOW, while setting up this ministry? (See my FULL testimony at www.1JMM.com)  Look for the "Schnauzer Hollywood" icon too.



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