WHATEVER you do in life, PLEASE look for something to do for the Lord, and He will richly bless you and us!​

("To get THE WORD out")

With the world gone crazy on drugs (hoping for good to come of it), trusting man (doctors and their drugs) more than God, and it is getting harder and harder to get anyone to hear you, read the Bible or enter/listen in church when you lead them to it, here is a novelty that will raise their curiosity, and just maybe something will quicken their spirit and become curious for more.

This is also a great opportunity to reach a carnal Christian without problem of jeapordizing the relationship.  You be the doctor, you know them and what they need, you can do this in person, or anonymously, send the name, address, correct amount to cover the processing, and their spiritual prescription from God will be sent to that address.

Getting this Christian gift for your loved ones, rather than a worldly gift, you and they will be blessed by God. 

If you can see this would be a great ministry for you, and are gifted to write mini sermons using Scripture that these require, and willing to follow the guidelines and pass Joseph & Marie's approval, please let us know, apply below, and we will respond ASAP. Check out the samples below, for the quality we expect for approval.  There are sooo many subjects to choose from, with your help we can change the world, before the worldly forces their change on us!​​