Tupperware makes these too

Cut here V

HERE'S A KISS from God

They actually say...

"HERES-A-KISS FROM GOD"               v---  on the strip ---->

Rice Crispy Treat Recipe

You will need a funnel, wax paper, aluminum foil (use real thin kind), baseball card sleeves, His Business Card, and the HERE'S-A-KISS strips (below).


8 Tablespoons (1 Stick Margarine preferably) or Aldis butter

8 Cups Mini Marshmallows

8 Cups Rice Crispies

2 teaspoons Vanilla

1/2 Cup Cocoa (more or less)


1. Cut aluminum foil squares to fit the size of funnel

2. In large heated pot, melt stick margarine (butter doesn't work)

3. Pour in mini marshmallows, stir until creamy and smooth

4. Stir in vanilla and cocoa

​5. Add Rice Crispies and remove pan from hot burners

6. After mixed, let stand for a couple minutes to cool slightly, enough to touch and shape

7. Butter hands, stuff buttered Tupperware Funnel and press onto the center of the square foil

​8. Slip tab end in to stick to kiss, gather up sides, and twist (leaving the words "HERE'S-A-KISS FROM GOD" hanging out top

​Copy and paste to your PC, print exactly how it is seen here, and cut to separate...

1. Church Bake Sale                                                                                 Greatest Kiss on earth!

2. For Trick or Treaters

3. Stocking Stuffer

4. Hospital Gift

5. A quick Christmas present for many you have to get for

6. For someone who you want to reach for Christ

7. For someone who like...LOVES Rice Crispy Treats

8. Someone who likes to kiss but needs Jesus!

9. A gift for Newspaper Boy, Mail man, Babysitter, Teacher,

Good Neighbor, Pastor, Grandparent, 

10. Valentine's Day Gift

11. Pastor appreciation gift

​12. Set on branches of Christmas tree


Instead of "Hershey Kiss"..."HERE'S A KISS from God"

If you were a child, not knowing Jesus, and participated in the Halloween night, came to my door and received "HERE'S-A-KISS from God" the size of your fist (chocolate Rice Crispy Treat in foil), with the Lord's Business Card (inside a plastic sleeve that collector baseball cards go in), attached to the kiss, would it get your attention?

Maybe the parents pick it up, maybe next day, when no one is around? Just at a moment of dispair in their life?

A friend is gloomy, it's Valentine's Day, they have no love life (maybe just broke up/divorced), you give this to them!

A person was in an accident and coming out of ICU, is resting and is bored, when some sweet soul walks by and drops off "HERE-A-KISS from God".

You want to get someone special a Bible, but want to give them a treat with it?

There are many scenerios to make use of this product. This product, is not very hard to make, but what a lasting impression!  Short and sweet!