One day, back in 2001? Recalling what a grade school teacher told my parents "Slow learner...makes poor use of her time"

I was feeling down, wondering if I was doing right, was I wasting my time, "Have I reached anyone Lord? Does anyone appreciate what I did so far? (one thing He commands us, is to encourage each other, and if He requires it of us, you can be sure, He does the same! (Our God is not a hypocrite).  I also recalled, that in my entire life, of all my efforts, I had never heard back from anyone, but within hours from this humbled-tear filled prayer, there were 2 letters in the mailbox addressed to me!  from 2 different people I had shared my short (at that time) testimony with! (didn't even know each other).  One said (paraphrased) "Remember me? I was the appraiser for your property years ago...when you shared with me your testimony, it stuck with me...did you wonder what my car was doing still out by the street for about 45 minutes? I looked at His Business Card you gave me and gave my life to Jesus that day!  Now I am a missionary, went over seas..."  The other one was from a homeless woman I met and took in for a few years, she thanked me for leading her to Jesus, because now she is leading her friends and family to Jesus!  < Miracles! Thank You Jesus!

"Iniquity" is sin you refuse to give up and turn from, knowing it is not allowed in heaven.

"Yet if thou warn the wicked, and he turn not from his wickedness, nor from his

wicked way, he shall die in his iniquity; but thou hast delivered thy soul."  Ez 3:19  

Warn (this SAFEST way) "...give none occasion to the adversary to speak reproachfully."1Tim 5:14, DELIVER THY SOUL: make these and hand out EVERYWHERE!

​"Nevertheless if thou warn the righteous man, that the righteous sin not, and he doth not sin, he shall surely live, because he is warned; also thou hast delivered thy soul."Ez 3:21

"So thou, O son of man, I have set thee a watchman...therefore thou shalt hear the word at My mouth, and warn them from Me." Ez 33:7

Cease not to warn every one 

Ac 20:31

​​"The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; and he that winneth souls is wise." Pro 11:30

"...I say unto you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repenteth." Lk 15:10

The lines are for security reasons​ there are no lines on the CD.

One of the characteristics of a Christian is to encourage. As this ministry develops, we may add testimonies of those YOU have reached and gave their life to Jesus Christ ("got saved"), and maybe their whole household (Ac 16:31)

And we may even pronounce the winners of the "Prize Award" HERE (below)...




            He is the author of "reward" and "recompence",

​            whatever you do for Him, He returns the favor!  

​                                                                  BE BLESSED!

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​THIS IS A SECRET MINISTRY

"...and thy Father which seeth in secret Himselfshall reward thee openly." Mt 6:4


You will never know how much your effort changed the lives of many, and the world, nor how great your mansion got because of this ministry, UNTIL you get to heaven and the Lord reveals all the souls you reached and led to Him, and see your reward He promised you!

THE EASIEST MINISTRY (to "build treasure in heaven")

This is to be the greatest treasure one could receive! therefore should be regarded Holy of God and presented as such. Originally, when "The Key" was in a very simple design, we were going to just make, hand out and tell people "Just copy this key and repeat the process (to reach the world)" < but, the quality would eventually be unreadable, from copy of copies, and if copied at a printing place, it would be very costly (less souls reached), and because of copyright laws, they may not allow (asking proof of ownership of material).


"THE KEY MINISTRY CD" has the original work, easy to print a sharp, fresh, beautiful copy every time and for pennies! Included is the simple instructions on how to put together, even children can do! "The CD" also explains simply how this works, the rules, and anything needed to know pertaining to this special ministry overseeing this work.


If you never received "The Key" from anyone's hand, and you order the CD from our website, you will be pleased to know that each order receives "The Key" so you can actually see what we expect yours to look like (equal or better looking). Remember, this product will be a treasure in the hands of so many, sections could be framed and hung on a wall, so keep it as perfect as possible. And, there will be another surprise "FREE GIFT" (maybe one of our new products, or maybe your $ back, or ?) 


We also make "The Key" available to buy in packages of 10, 20, and 30. For Christmas presents (stocking stuffers), family reunions, whole congregations, employees, care packages, send to veterins overseas, give to new members of your church, trick or treaters, boss, neighbors, the poor, elderly, pass them out at hospitals, etc.  or even to make and sell! We can also print your ID# (everyone gets so we know who you are. See "Prize Award" below) on them for you. 


We need to get THE WORD out ASAP!!!  So many souls are being lost to car accidents, drugs, suicides, illnesses, old age, etc. without knowing The Lord (His love and His plan for them). If a loved one is not saved, you do not know what to say to them, nor perfectly enough that they would listen, does not go to church to hear THE WORD, how will you feel if they die without Christ, and forever they wished you told them?!  At least give them this, then you are free from guilt and regret! This product makes sure they understand what it means to be "SAVED", that there is no excuse for them Judgment Day.


As an incentive, the first 10 Ministry CDs sold ($10.00/ea.) funds a Prize Award of $100.00. The next Ministry CDs sold, $1.00 from each gets added to the $100.00. If "The Key" that YOU (your ministry) MADE lands in just the right hand (a designated person associated with Joseph & Marie Ministries - nationwide), and "The Key" is produced according to the rules on your CD, and your ID# is on the key for us to identify you, whatever has accumulated in "Prize Award" will be sent to your address we have on file (the "address" we sent your ministry CD to, to produce "The Key"). If your address changes, please notify us (if it comes back to us "undeliverable" or "no such person at this address", or? your award is forfeited.  No more than one Prize Award per day goes out, and no less than $100.00 will be given out. If someone (you may or may not know) purchases the ministry CD because they received "The Key" from your ministry, and THEIR KEY lands in just the right hand (no one will ever know who), and is approved also, YOU will receive 10% of the "Prize Award" (whatever it has accumulated to be), a form of tithe (from your efforts "to get THE WORD out"), no less than $10.00), but they will still get at least $100.00.


Besides the "incentive" reason, this is our way of checking to see if our product is being presented as we would.


                                                                   We do ask that you include the Lord's

                                                                   Business Card, as He is the "door" Jn 10:9

                                                                   to heaven.  Although, it is not necessary,

                                                                   because that could be a special reminder

                                                                   (and at the right time in their life) to 

                                                                   receive it at a different time and place.

       The biggest impact, reminder, or prelude?

This is the answer to many prayers...especially for the recipient! then to be able to change the world single handedly, make it a better place to live, build reward in heaven, to make these, give, sell, and/or buy, not to mention the reward here.  Maybe you've always wanted to be counted as making a difference in society but didn't know how? You have said, or have known someone who said "The world's going to hell!" but don't think you can do anything about it? Maybe you know someone who is facing death, or possibly thinking to take a life, or their own, but you don't know the right words and how to reach them before it's too late? People who were not called to minister, can't find the right words, too shy, a child, the elderly, disabled, etc. can NOW take part (secretly) "to get THE WORD out" that "all the families of the earth be blessed", easily and fast. These are designed so that even a child can understand, make them, and hand them out.  All you need is a PC, printer, paper and this CD, unless you don't mind purchasing them already made. These hold the key knowledge of what it takes to be saved. Plant the seed, then, their craving for the knowledge of Him starts, and this website provides the rest of what is needed to sustain them for their final day with God. We are also developing a page of churches we approve in their area who will continue feeding them so that they do not "fall away" into perdition. (See "CHURCH" icon)