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This summer day of 1987, Joseph, I, and our boys went 
camping on Kelley's Island.

We visited a quarry close by and our boys loved it. There was

a 30 foot drop, having a ledge, to climb a rope with big knots >  

While the guys were diving and yelling for me and having fun,

and Joseph was on a plastic blow up raft in the water, I was 

up above talking myself into taking the dive. Took pictures >

paced the edge, and said to myself "The only way to do this is 

to not think about it "Just do it!"  Well, I DID IT!  I really did it!  

In mid air, my body went limp in panic then there was a LOUD 

snap, and was felt too!  When I hit the water in shock, I almost drowned, but at that moment of saying bye to the world, my face popped out of the water! I took a deep breath then yelled "help...I think I just broke my back!" 

There was nothing they could do for me but prescribed muscle relaxers which sat on a shelf in a medicine cabinet for many years past expiration date before I threw them ALL away (I wanted fixed, not drugs to cover it up). Then I suffered over 9 years with the pain getting worse and worse. The day it was the worst pain ever, was the day I got miraculously healed. It wasn't the pain, but a new symptom of paralyzation that totally convinced me I was dying.


MY NDE ("Near Death Experience")
August 22, 1996, about 6am. - I awoke with an enormous amount of energy (at 40, and felt like I was 15 again), skipped breakfast and ran outside to get some much needed yard work done. But, after about 2 hours of nagging back pain it all of a sudden turned unbearable. Worst pain ever!  Horrified and in excruciating pain, I noticed a feeling of paralyzation coming up from my feet rapidly and heading for my heart. Got in the house, grabbed the phone and dropped to the floor. All alone, looking up at the ceiling, with phone in right hand and about to call for an ambulance, I realized it would be too late by the time they arrive, thinking my heart could stop any second! The paralyzation got just below my heart when I called on the Lord instead.
About 8 am. at that most dire moment in my life, all alone, I recalled a Scripture verse for hope, I did not memorize yet but understood it (paraphrased) "If any man doubt, let not that man think he will receive anything, for he is like a wave of the sea, tossed to and fro."  So, desperately, I asked "Jesus...please heal my back". To distract my mind from doubting, I started counting on my left hand (phone was still in my right) "One...two...thr...", and in 3 seconds, I shreeked "OMG! NO PAIN!!!...NO PARALYSIS!!!"  I stood to my feet, and a thin flash of heat

shot down through the center of me like a sword fell from the ceiling down my spine to where

the pain WAS, then it flared there.  As I began to move all around at the waist with my hands

on my hips, amazed, looking for the pain, that is when I noticed..."There's A SET OF HANDS

inside me!" (as real as ours), right where the pain used to be. The wrists fitted together at my

spine, thumbs pointed upward, and the fingers pointing outward. What a soothing brace! The

area of the healing was pluperfect, it did not match the rest of me for 1 whole month. The

hands lasted 3 days and 3 nights. Looking back on this incredible experience and pondering, I realized "The Lord took the pain into His own hands!" and wondered if HE felt it too? It was incredible, but spooky. The brand new nerves could feel all around "HIS HANDS" but not inside them, they were definitely foreign objects.

"To get THE WORD out" < is the true meaning of "Mary" HE REVEALED TO ME, also: It was no coincidence that THAT ONLY NAME around His resurrection was "Mary" (5 of them), God chose. Is it any wonder He chose "Mary" this time to get THE WORD out also? The first evangelists were "Mary" (but none of this info. did I know yet, or had need of at the time of my healing).

Immediately, I called Joseph at work "OMG...There is a set of hands inside my back...God healed my spine!"​ But he did not know what to think or say.  We agreed to call the head pastor of a Christian Church..."Larry! I just received healing of my spine! But there is a set of hands inside my back...Have you ever heard of this healing before? How long do you think His Hands will be there? What if I get x-rays and the whole world sees this?!!! This is spooky...I did not ask for His Hands, only a normal healing as anyone else would ask for. Who could even think to ask this?! Is it in the Bible?"  He too said he never heard of. So, I just did not know what to do or what to think either. This went way over our heads! Many things came to mind as I pondered this incredible experience. The purpose was yet to be revealed. "Lord, what am I to make of this? Why would You do this? Why?! Why me?"  Can you imagine Joseph hearing his 'wife to be' has another man's baby in her? Can you imagine my Joseph hearing his wife has another man's hands in her, day after day? Laying next to her, afraid to touch her? I'm sorry, but the whole world needs to hear this ASAP!!! This confirms the Christ story. If anyone has a problem with "a virgin birth, by God" (which we now hear people contest, and in debates), tell them to think again! It would be so tragic if we could not share this with ALL the world!  Feel free to do what YOU can with this VALUABLE information.
Yes, His Hands lasted 3 days & 3 nights PHYSICALLY, DISTINCTLY, UNMOVABLE inside my back, perfectly still, they did not defy their boundry.  His Hands were normal body temperature "98.6". I only wish I had not been in such shock and in a strange, undescribable joy. Since, I have heard someone say "When God works a miracle in your life, it usually takes about 15 years before you come out of the shock and share it."  I would have loved to have done more or said something more while His Hands were still in me, when we were "one" (as in "One with God" JOHN 17 says "be ye one").


While HIS HANDS were in me, I just did not know how long they would last, an hour, day, year, the rest of my life? Had all I could do to hold on to my senses! HOW INCREDIBLY AWESOME THIS WAS TO EXPERIENCE, brethren!!! Are you rejoicing with me?​ "Rejoice with them that do rejoice..."Rm 12:15. Did we do the right thing by making this all available to the world...wide web, will we regret? Did I present it okay? Are we wasting our time, "preaching to the choir", "throwing pearls to swine"? Will it be regarded, received, and appreciated properly? Should we continue to share this way? Can we word it better? Should we remove/add anything?  As I stood there in awe of HIS HANDS, it occurred to me that this may very well be a special moment in history, and I need pay attention, as this was something science and doctors (and the church?) should love to know of and the details as much as possible. < I think that was The Holy Spirit telling me this. Unsure when HIS HANDS would leave, I wondered if there would be any regret later if I was too caught up in the moment of the experience rejoicing and not paying attention to the science of it. So I studied this REAL GOOD those days, to not miss anything while it was happening. 


If you want to know THAT WHOLE STORY, click on the BOOK icon above when you have more time, and it will take you to just about EVERYTHING I was revealed from this experience ("just about" because I keep finding new things to add, like pictures, Scripture, accurate dates, time, numbers), or I forgot to mention something, or what people said, new insight, etc.) although it will be enough for a book, I will always share as little as possible here to keep it simple, but I will gather all the rest of the info. for a book, for those who have their reasons to know more. I guarantee, you will learn things you could never know otherwise. It is my "servant" duty to share what has been revealed and received from heaven (from God, The Father).
I asked anyone I could; Christians, clergy, friends, relatives. No one had a clue what to tell me (some were just speechless). I just couldn't figure out what this was about or for!  Why did He think to do this? What is His plan/purpose? Does He want me to be treated as a crazy person when I try to tell people this? How can I present it properly? What will it cost us? Who would hear it? Who needs this info? What am I suppose to do with this? We did not know there would be sooo much more to come!

Compared to the healed area, my body was achy. This taught me how we learn to live with aging, if you have nothing to compare, you don't know how achy your body is, holds true with Jesus as our SPIRITUAL example. If you don't have an example of spiritual perfection, how will you know you are sick? "They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick: I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance." 
Mk 2:17.

This was obviously special, for a reason, beyond anything anyone could be worthy of receiving from God, and it couldn't be for me, but for Him and His purpose, which I saw unfold, then paid attention more...

4 YEARS AFTER HEALING (the year 2000)
Joseph (out of the blue) said "There's a Bible online, all you have to do is type in a word and all Scripture that has that word in will appear."  ("I am so yearning to know if what I experienced is in the Bible...It just has to be in the Bible!" I told everyone) I typed in "hands", not knowing what I'd find relating to it, and up came 438 Scripture verses! "Oh great, I have to read the whole Bible, LOL!"  Got about half way and found "Ps 28:5" ! Yelled "I FOUND IT!!!" AND JUMPED FOR JOY! then closed out, afterall, who would think to still look? That would be the spirit of greed, wouldn't it? < I realize this now.  All I cared about at that time, was finding it, "Hah! See, I told you! I found it!" Did not even pay attention to the words, did not even think to keep looking for anything else but finding "operation of His Hands" in that Scripture verse, that satisfied my hunch that what I received was biblical, and that was all I needed to know (so I thought). In fact, I was having so much fun with the Bible online, I typed in "Chief" to see if there was a word for Joseph, since I felt bad that the Lord did this for me, knowing that Joseph had several police car crashes that messed up his back and had to have surgery twice on his spine. "Joseph! It says here 'Thou whom I have taken from the ends of the earth, and called thee from the chief men thereof, and said unto thee, Thou art My servant; I have chosen thee, and not cast thee away." Is 41:9. Or, He could mean that He chose "Marie" from this "chief" of the earth to be married to Him and His work, or both meanings? I recall reading somewhere in documented history that Mary's Joseph was "a chief among men" in their town/city.
In the fall of 2013, I was finishing the ministry brochure of "God-In-Us Pharmacy", had to go online to get the Scripture verse, THIS TIME, I typed in "operation of His hands" instead of just "hands", and low and behold, not just the one, but TWO Scripture verses came up! ("Ps 28:5" and "Is 5:12" < another!) Never thought to keep reading for any more after I found the first Scripture! I guess I assumed it was the only one. Excited of my discovery, I placed them both in the brochure, and finished it. The thought ocurred to me to ask for a sign (as "His servants the prophets" Rev 10:7 do) if He was pleased with what He gave me in vision to do, now "made manifest" Jn 3:21. I suddenly hear "Look at the Scripture verses." (assuming it was my thoughts, forgetting I asked for a sign, forgot "My sheep hear My voice" Jn 10:27 and "Out of heaven He made thee to hear His voice that He might instruct thee." Dt 4:36 (HE WAS INSTRUCTING ME) I looked but did notsee anything. And the second time I hear "Look at the Scripture verses."  I began to question myself and made sure I would not say that again, so when I heard it for the third time, "OMG! IT'S...not my voice but...HIS VOICE! because I just made sure I would not say that again to myself! "Okay Lord, you have my full attention! I will not think of anything else but what You want me to hear and see! I will ignore all the world around me until You show me what You want me to see." (Many months later I found this Scripture verse: "For God speaketh once, yea twice, yet man perceiveth it not." Jb 33:14). 
"Let's see, 'Ps'? Lord, the only thing that I can think of is what people put at the bottom of a letter they write...'Ps, I forgot to tell you...', is there anything I'm missing here? Show me what You want me to see...Hmmm, '28'? I cannot think of anything...I'm not 28, my house number is not...etc. The only thing that comes to mind is the day I was born...we're not doing that again are we, Lord?" (One day, I must have asked for a sign for something), out of the blue, I hear (paraphrased) "Go search your birth date and find what that day is significant to Bible history." I immediately said "No, I don't care about my birthday, it is not about me, it is about Jesus! Leave me alone Satan!" again I hear "Go find out what significant Biblical happening occurred on your birth date." < I said "If God wants me to know it, HE WILL JUST TELL ME!" And about a couple months later (in December, a couple weeks before Christmas) all of a sudden I hear the TV that I had been ignoring. Pat Robertson from The 700 Club, said "Do you know what December 28th is about?" I dropped what I was doing, while saying "Lord, I am sooo sorry..." and ran into the family room to hear the rest. Pat then said "Stay tuned, we will be back after this commercial break." I FOUND OUT that it is the anniversary of the grusome slaughter of babies King Herod ordered in aim to do away with Jesus! and immediately I wondered what this had to do with..."OMG! My only brother saw me for the first time and said "Throw her in the garbage!" and ran off, anyone can understand that he wanted a brother not another sister, but after I came out of the closet to my family about Jesus 18 years later, they taunted me with this, and another brother with the Cain spirit, trying hard to convince someone to do away with me, said "Kill her!" and made it his mission to convince all my family to do away with me, so they would listen to him (See "Blessings and Cursings" Icon, what God did to him). So when I got to ":5" of "Ps. 28:5", I said "Well, since I have my birthday in mind, there is a '5' in it." and when my eyes saw the other "5", in 'Is. 5', I closed my eyes quickly, covered them with my hand and said "Lord, if the next number is '12', I will know IT IS YOU DOING THIS! and saw..."OMG! the numbers are my birthday!" ("Ps 28:5, Is 5:12" = 12, 28, '55).
Over 17 Years Later
The beginning of 2014, curiosity got the best of me, I decided to type the letters in Google. And of all the gazillion things in the universe (think about that for a moment!) the very FIRST thing my eyes land on is the word "spine" ("PSIS" = "spine"!) Now why would God do ALL this to me? He said "Ask and ye shall receive" but I did not ask for ALL this! I would have been just as happy if it were just a healing, who COULD HAVE asked such a thing? "There must be a plan of His brewing that we have to wait and see how it further unfolds..."How many more years will it take to finally 'get' what You are doing with me, or am I missing something YET, Lord?"​
Low and behold!  See "The Croschet" Ministry Icon on home page.  Thank You Jesus!  You came through! Then, as I am preparing this product, I learn that there is a huge study of "His Hands" going on in the churches for some reason, so I started to read and hear, and decided to pay more attention to the words of my b-day Scripture verses "Because they regard not the work of the Lord, nor the operation of His hands, He shall destroy them, and not build them up" ("Ps 28:5, Is 5:12"), and WOW! That says it all! < the greatest Scripture He gave for this to be the warning to those who do not receive His work and operation of "His Hands" invested in Joseph & Marie Ministries...

This (below) is what I gathered to comprehend the magnitude of what He has given us. Later, I will find all Scripture to match this I have learned from The Holy Bible...

1. "His Hands" created all things <
2. "His Hands" work/invests His love into things He makes/calls "holy" < 
3. "His Hands" we are, that invest/work His love into our things we make/call "Holy" <
3. "His Hands" heal and fix (don't need any doctor, nor global warming help) < 
4. "His Hands" punish EVERYONE, no respect of persons < 
5. "His Hands" hold the finger that convicts < 
6. "His Hands" hold the finger that casts out < 
​7. "His Hands" hold the finger that condemns < 
8. "His Hands" protect us < 
9. "His Hands" work 24/7 < 
10. "His Hands" (like a Potter at the wheel) shapes and refines us < 
11. "His Hands" have our name engraved on them < 
12. "His Hands" build us up...from a low estate < 
13. "His Hands" were abused by people of high estate..." high places" < 
14. "His Hands" were inside Mary for 9 months, and came out to do good work on earth < 
15. "His Hands" were inside Marie for 3 days and 3 nights, and comes out in all of her good works < 
16. "His Hands" were entrusted with Joseph & Mary < 
17. "His Hands" ARE ENTRUSTED with Joseph & Marie Ministries < 
18. "His Hands" are Marie's strength to stand before all to testify of this and many GREAT SECRETS < 
19. "His Hands" must be regarded OR ELSE He will destroy any who disregard < ​Ps 28:5,Is 5:12
20. "His Hands" build His church < 
21. "His Hands" revealed 'His Business Card' we need in all languages and all around the world < 
22. "His Hands" will hopefully be outstretched to receive you at the gate of heaven!

"Unless HIS HANDS take you out of your box, you won't be the gift He always wanted"- Marie

("He always wanted" = "before the foundation of the world", and "your box" is what YOU did with your life from birth to glory in, when HE takes you out of the life you made for yourself, WITH HIS HANDS, there is such a change that takes place that you are not the same anymore, and more so as you grow spiritually, guided by HIM and His Hands).




FOR: the knowledge of how God works among us TODAY, for doctors, preaching, my memory, descendants, sharing, etc.

God does not put HIS HANDS in just anyone at anytime, He has a purpose...


 For years, I have wanted the perfect song for this page and today, Sept. 15, 2017, I met a young

lady who said "Have you ever heard of the song 'One Pair Of Hands'?" (not knowing THIS NEED)

The details of

His Hands  in Marie

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A journey full of miracles!

"one with God"John 17