In Jeremiah 30:17 the Lord declares: "For I will restore health to you, and your wounds I will heal."
In Psalms 103:3 we are asked to remember: "Who forgives all your iniquities, Who heals all your diseases, Who redeems your life from destruction?"
In Exodus 15:26 God reminds us that: "I am the Lord, your healer."
In Luke 8:43-44 Jesus cures a woman of her blood disease...
While in Luke 14:1-5 He heals a man who has swelling of his body.
And in Matthew 9:27-30 and 9:29-34... Mark 8:22-26...and John 9:1-7 - Jesus cures the blind.

There now

is a cure

for cancer!

​Read this...

It does not have to be this way!

friend's wife who died of cancer, I finished typing this below (in shorter form) to a relative whose wife is about to be treated for cancer in Chicago.  Want to save MANY LIVES? Share this...Want to beat cancer fast and it never come back? Get KM, DE, and KW in your diet! Watch "The Cancer Answer" (about KM) by Dr. Carter on, learn about Diatomaceous Earth, and Kangen Water (the only water declared "A Medical Device") too. I will have more info. gathered for everyone soon onthis website (click on "THE DOCTOR" icon), to do away with cancer, migraines and most all deseases, if not all!  And you will see why, when you learn how it works in the body...

DE ("Diatomaceous Earth")
       DE was designed by God to do the amazing work it does! I have witnessed and am totally convinced that only those made wise by God will benefit far greater in this world than those who refuse to seek truth through God's Spirit in them, for this is when all of our senses become heightened and we see clearer, to know what is best for us. We are not like goats, consuming anything and everything that LOOKS good, which "knowledge" is the garbage of this world, feasting info only to find we are so confused. We are settled in Spirit, no distractions, honest, focused, at peace despite the world around us, If you studied biology, you should know that our bodies are the perfect host for micro-organisms, we are the perfect temperature, dark, moist, soft, and a smorgasbord of food for their comfort. They invade through every opening! INCLUDING THE EYES!!! Which too many doctors refuse to admit and publish (for fear the public will...what?)  Science has only studied and labeled only 1% of the micro-organisms in the world < scare ya? This is why they love to say "It's all in your head", and pump you with drugs to shut you up. Over 90% of the earths crust is DE < think God wasn't trying to tell us something? It takes out foreign, unwelcomed threats​ to our health, even heavy metals, and fat cells! DE is natural fossil shell flour, is tasteless and creamy white. It is an extremely fine talc like substance. In order to see the diatoms, they have to be magnified thousands of times. Is best mixed with cold things, like apple sauce, tomato juice, other juices, pudding cups, etc. < the sweetness laced with DE is a dinner bell for the micro-organisms and parasites (the main pathogens) in ALL of us. They love sugar substances.  And, an added bonus, when DE reaches body temp, it becomes negative charged which magnetizes foreign material in our system which is positive charged. Then is flushed out through urine.  They say this is excellent for pork and sushi lovers!
       DE was considered a staple food in Egypt, it was found in the pyramids. It is the second most important nutrient to mammals. There are over 1,500 uses for DE. DE is harmless, little by little clears clogged arteries has to be magnified thousands of times to see, but is sharp, on a scale of 1-10, it registers 7, diamonds are a 9. Any disease cannot out smart DE.  When DE gets in any germ/pathogen ("parasite" < dare not call it for what it is, never say that to a doctor) and when it moves, it is killed (which becomes "toxin", and the immune system built up by KM goes after the toxins and gets flushed out of your system.  Joseph (who had angioplasty, and I both had a rise in cholesterol through the years and this runs in family, as we started taking this "DE", all our tests now show no cholesterol problem anymore! We have been taking for 2 years now and there are other things that improved in our health too!  I saw allot!  You can get this at any health food store, we first got ours there, then shopped online and through much learning the prices, grades, we went with the best (in my opinion), we got a 50 pound bag for about $60. from Perma Guard. I believe they have the purest and most effective product mined. They should pay me to put this here, right? It's been over 2 years and we haven't even gone through 20 pounds yet.  I take about 1 teaspoon to a Tablespoon a day.

​        I shared this "DE" knowledge with our vet, he followed me out to my car and said "Oooh, now I know what you are talking about, yes, I did hear of this before, I just never knew anyone who took it, nor heard anything more about...In my schooling, I read how an island had on one half of it very healthy people and animals, the other side of the island had illness and early deaths. Scientists discovered this was the reason! I have been so worried of my cholesterol, since my doctor said it was real bad...Now I am excited to try this!"  I had been mixing DE, chunky peanut butter, and Dinovite together for our little ones (our Miniature Schnauzers), I give them about a teaspoon of the mixture (rolled in a marble size piece), and they get a fresh bowl of Kangen Water every other day. You know how the vets always check the teeth to get an idea of the age and health of the dog? Our last visit (he had not seen us in almost 2 years and almost forgot us), he checked our 2 schnauzers and commented "No, I don't think this one needs her teeth cleaned, she looks very healthy for a 6 year old!" I said "She is over 13 and has never had her teeth cleaned."  He was jumping for joy and kept saying "That's DE for ya!" "DE does this." etc.  and thanked me for telling him of this stuff.


KM builds up the immune system the fastest on the planet! to clean up those toxins and out of your system as the DE is destroying any desease thriving in the body. This is a miracle from God folks, not from man.  No other product can have what KM has, Doctor Jurak's formula (from God) has always been top secret, and how it is manufactured (there is no patent for prying eyes).  KM costs about 50 cents to $2.00/day (depending on your condition or how you choose to maintain your health), and DE is a few pennies a day. And it's a known fact that lemon works 10,000 times more than Chemo too!  Check out "The Cancer Answer" on Youtube, by Doctor Carter, then learn about DE, and follow up on it, to never have cancer again, GUARANTEED!  IF, of course, you eat healthier AFTER the cancer is gone (clue: try to stay away from acidic and sugary substances - pathogens thrive in! Some things you would think are "acidic" are not, so study it).

        KM and DE are all natural. KM is 14 special herbs (in liquid form) that provide your system with every nutrient known to science AT ONCE (which means, whatever your body was lacking, it gets ASAP! and the FEELING improvement starts almost immediately) "KM" puts in your system what your body was lacking in your diet all those years, and you become better and better (the doctors are always amazed at your vitals, but when they hear about the KM did it and not them, they want to change their words! < happens all the time!) If you are lucky/blessed, you will have a God-fearing doc who says "Whatever you're doing, keep up the good work!"  

        If you have a urine test, the doctors scratch their head and wonder why they see "infection", but your body is actually healing through this cleansing. Doc asks "You don't feel like you have a urinary track infection?" < Ha, ha, ha! (if they only knew!)  What bothers me, is if you try to tell them, they 1. won't listen, 2. refuse to believe you know something they don't, 3. are not taught nutrician in all their schooling but only drugs (which doesn't cure but cover up), 4. write in your medical records you are "crazy", 5. have the fear of losing $.  They believe their drug is the reason you are feeling better (it's only when you say "I haven't been taking the drugs' you gave me!" that they become confounded, then curious to know your secret! < if they are honest.  HERE'S THE BIGGEST PROBLEM: If you don't tell them, they take credit for your miraculous recovery and so many of his patients die from his drugs he swares by/believes cured you.  Everyone I gave this info. to and followed up on it RECOVERED...that's where most of this info. came from, their testimonies to me!

KW  ("Kangen Water")
Declared "A Medical Device". Joseph and I have the machine in our home. It is said that if you visit Japan, everyday you will see people lined up at each hospital with jugs. Every hospital has the monster size machine that produces this unique water (electrically charged and made alkaline). We are 100% alkaline when we are born, but as soon as the body starts to become acidic, health problems develop. From all the research I read on this water and all the research I read on the parasitic world and it's way into our world, I saw something that explains something missed by the professionals we place our trust in. Einstein's brain was "...healthy as a teenager!" the coroner said, yet he died in his 60s. I believe I know why!  and it has a hint of God in this discovery!  As the old saying goes "If you don't use it, you lose it!" < We are led to believe Einstein used his brain at full capacity, many marvel at his work. Do you know that when you do, the electrical system is promoted? Did you know that any germ that enter the eyes that cause most headaches cannot live in the alkaline-electrical charged invironment?  Here's another clue, a Dr. Hulda Clark invented a device that requires a small battery, and when you place it on your body, it is just enough "electricity" to kill parasites...and the pain goes away?! Hello? anyone listening? She even developed a dog collar. Years ago, why did they use electricity on the heads of patients in insane asylums? Hello? anyone? They know something they are not telling us, especially when the neurologists (migraine specialists) say to this day "One third of our teenagers suffer migraines. We don't know where migraines come from." YES THEY DO!!!  A drug company invented a drug to kill parasites in the body, it is called "Albendazole" (for example), we are told "It prevents the sugar from them (parasites, thrive on sugar) and within hours to 3 weeks they die of starvation." Hang on to that thought, start adding this up...Science just recently discovered that the brain has the least help from the immune system..."the immune system" is responsible in fighting disease, and they say "We don't know where Alzheimers comes from" too!  Daah!  Just recently I heard a scientist discovered that anger causes a fail in the circulatory system, blood thickens, stomach cannot digest food as well, etc. < God came here to "give life" through peace < see?  This is one explanation of how it works and pays off following Him. 

When I get more time, I will clean this all up, but this was a fast typing to at least get something up here. Also, Castor Oil (Cold Pressed), from "Palm of Christ" (not for internal use though), I use to clean my eyes, disinfects (even pet's eyes!), and promotes eyelash and brow growth too! and an excellent make up remover, and is least expensive. If a female teenager used this on her eyes, it is most likely she will never experience migraines.  What teen (or anyone) washes their hands everytime they want to rub their eyes? Did you know that the right eye is the door to the brain? Did you now that science has only identified and labeled only 1% of parasites that threaten our health daily?

        In 1988, I flew to New York and stayed at The Drake Hotel, then I did a 1 hour show for Phil Donahue on "Allergy" (based on my amazing discovery, and they found a medical doctor who claimed he was the only one in the world to verify my discovery). This was a turning point in my life!

        I had THEN learned that God gave me another gift; to identify wonderful things for our benefit. Some call it insight, or, as some Yale and Harvard PHDs informed me "It's the spatial mathematician in you". So I continued to use this gift (from God) and continuously discover things even Einstein missed!         Only, I decided not to waste my time on the foolish things in this world. I chose to focus on major problems man faces; spiritual and health issues got my attention. Finding more cures since (See below). To tackle first (of course "with God", where "all things are possible"), was my advantage.  I am finding that any disease in us we suffer to death, early "death" usually happens when people trust in doctors AS GOD, and not GOD-GIVEN SMARTS! ("My sheep hear My voice..." and He shows us the answers to our problems! Jer 33:3)

< At the same time I read this post about a friend's