"I have raised him up in righteousness, and I will direct all his ways..." Is 45:13

"In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths."Pro 3:6

                                "RESPECT YOUR ELDERS!" < a law my mother promoted frequently

                                    "My son, hear the instruction of thy father, and forsake not the law of thy mother"Pro 1:8


                                                      God designed the elderly to look to for directions. Let's work

                                                           to keep that in society, after all, you may be one someday.

There was a time in my life that I finally learned the dilema of the elderly who struggle to survive...

1. Not being able to pay for all their needs

2. The rising cost of things that they did not plan for

3. Aging

4. Injury

5. Debilitated

6. Medical expenses

7. Employment

8. Uncertain proper care

9. Vulnerable to theft and crime

10. Up keep of their things and home

11. Purchase of a gift to loved one

12. Taxes

​13. Trusting strangers

14. Always worried

​15. Always suffering

​16. Needing help

​17. Burial planning and expense


A constant struggling that compromises their health and welfare, left to beg or live with children, in a facility, or some cases, on the street (God forbid!)  Having to sell their home and belongings to downsize. My heart became very heavy when it hit home: NEXT DOOR elderly neighbors I cared very much for, and my parents and husband's parents at the same time. My Dad could not work with his tools any more (too dangerous), or get orders, or pay for things he needed to fix things with. They found it harder and harder to keep up and could not manage to cover things as the need presented itself.

I prayed "LORD! What can I do? Is there anything You can give me (a vision for an invention) for them that will be useful to ALL seniors nationwide, exclusive for them, affordable to get going, easy for them to make $, not too much thinking involved, simple instructions, easy access, product(s) easy to transport, simple-easy...?

At the same time, I was getting together with my older sis who was always looking for deals everywhere (a very frugal and crafty person she is also). She took me under her wing and showed me where the places are, and then advanced into further areas not too far to drive (worth the trip).  We would waste gas (and when the gas prices were sky high!) missing a place or two that we planned to visit and had to back track or just skip, and we always wondered if there are more places somewhere, then some were closed or closed down when we got there. I kept wanting to research and draw a map of all the places, to take the best route and not miss anything.  As I was drawing out the map (at the same time begging the LORD to give me something to get going for seniors), I SAW THE LIGHT...bulb go on! All of sudden, I saw a vision of different maps, each was unique.

                                      For each subject of interest in our City, such as "Thrift Stores", "Gas Stations",                                            "Hardware", "Food Stores", "Shoe Stores", "Beauty Salons", "Restaurants", etc.                                            and everything associated with "Weddings", "Partying", "Sports", "Pets",                                                       "Entertainment Establishments", etc. These maps would be available for seniors                                              to sell at ($?) with a large enough margin for making the income they need, and                                              our costs would be minimal (to cover drawing time and print).  I saw THE WORD getting out there...spreading farther and farther, people in search for them as like treasure it they would become, looking for seniors, making their day, showing respect, lifting their spirit, being needed and not forgotten, proud of their work, getting them out and active, keeping the brain working. Then I saw it become old hat (EXPECTED IN SOCIETY FOREVERMORE!)  "Senior Exclusive Directions" WE NEED THEM, INSTEAD OF THEY NEED US so much! < Exactly as I was asking in prayer! I saw some seniors with the trunks of their cars stuffed with maps...because so many young folks were stopping them and asking for a map for...?  I saw a logo of Moses (a great Icon known for "giving direction"), I saw seniors coming to senior centers to join up to take part.  I saw VERY HAPPY SENIORS (taken care of themselves in many ways than before).

To get them started, we invite the 65 yr. olds and above, to a showing at a senior center (per month, keeping track of them). We explain the program, how it got started, it's potential, how it helped so many and sharing those stories (thanking the Lord < leading them to HIM before they pass!) O;-) 

To get them started, we encourage them to find someone to sponsor them instead of paying for the products themselves (family, friend, neighbor, etc. a gift for birthday, Christmas, retirement, etc.), give them one of each of the maps, when they sell them, they then use that $ to purchase more at a low cost but keeping the remaining $, and from there on! Never out of pocket loss for them. We would design the maps, print and stock all senior centers. Let's say each print cost is, "50 cents", and administration costs, say "50 cents", but they sell each map for $6.00 (I would pay that, to have the places gathered for me, especially knowing it is for the good cause!) that means $5.00 profit for them from each map.  Of course the maps will be upgraded each year, and those that had purchased may lose, damage, give as gift, and need to purchase another.  NOW we can help them in their last days!  

"MAPS" < MAnswered Prayer, Seniors!


​"Help Wanted"

Each city is different and we personally cannot cover them all, only my own. Now, we need volunteer artists/mappers in every city and town who can help here, then when you are ready for full operation, you will be paid a serious wage.  My job is to manage the SED team we are putting together here in Toledo, Ohio for our headquarters to oversee the operation, designing the logo, the basic look of the maps, business cards, brochure, etc. place on CD, and those who would SERIOUSLY like this job as their ministry to help the elderly.

We need to hear from you...ASAP! Before someone else takes your town, 419 - 475 - 4538.

How awesome is our HEAVENLY Father!

(He who approves and gives us the greatest directions!) 

THE GREATEST SENIOR of all to respect!
"I will direct their work in truth"
Is 61:8

He giveth to them that ask...

"And we know that all things work together for good to them that

love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose." Rm 8:28