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"...he that winneth souls is wise." Pro 11:30

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These are pendants (1/4' thick) with sparkly gold back, comes with leather necklet. A large cross and fish, and your name imprinted on back in a set of hands, the word "regards"

(as in "Ps 28:5, Is 5:12") with a protection prayer (Scripture verse of your choice).

$6.00, $7.00, and $8.00 (FREE SH/HD - inside US only)

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I name these "TILE TRACTS", because of the beautiful tiling work Derek does.

Many more coming!

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        These "Tile Tracts" (below) are intended to improve the pool playing atmosphere our son Derek frequents. This work is dedicated to "Derek Aaron Skonecki", who spends time in pool halls everywhere. Derek is making a difference in the pool playing sport too. He not only wins in pool halls and tournaments, he wins souls for the Lord and encourages. We did not raise him to be interested in pool.  He started out a toddler beating family and friends, was winning in pool rooms and not much bigger. But became "bigger" winning $$$, and trophies and being on a well known magazine cover. Charlie Williams nick-named him, and when he comes to Denver, Colorado, Derek picks him up at the airport and they spend time together (they are both Christian, in fact, at one time "Charlie" had thought to be a minister).

        When I find the picture of Derek beating an expert in a retirement home at a very young age, I will put it here. On vacation in Arizonia, we all searched frantically for him for over an hour and finally found this little guy jumping up and down proclaiming he beat the old man!  His Uncle Greg was chef at this retirement center (where Dick Van Dike's sidekick "Morey Amsterdam" lived).

Now days, he works his trade, which is mostly everything to do with what we walk on: flooring, tiling, building, etc. (his name means "The way"), Derek does beautiful work. His dream is to design and build a glorious church. he lives in Denver, Colorado. Our youngest, "Derek"...

"Lord, please surround Derek with true Christians, not the carnal, Keep him safe in his long drivings, travels, on the job, choice of nutrician/making his own meals." Everytime I talk to him, I try to end the conversation with words the Lord gave me when I was praying for our sons who were teenage and walking out the door to the world..."I will see you in due time or another!" Never let your teens go off to who knows where without these words to reflect on, to keep them.

These CPWA Tracts are free to you and anyone you send here, just right click, copy and paste to your PC and print them out for pool players, pool halls, etc. "witnessing" - if any soul comes to our website, we can do the rest for their soul. Soul winning couldn't be more easier! YOU are "in the ministry", no excuse now. To die and not win anyone to the Lord as the Lord expects us to do for Him would be tragic! Do you want a mansion or a shack in heaven forever?  I, Marie, will be loading more and more here, and making more, so check back when you can. Suggestion: use these for your business card, write/stamp your info on the back (very small), give us your name and contact info. beforehand, if we happen to see one YOU gave out, we can know who you are to contact, you just might receive a big surprise at your door! Maybe a year supply of ink cartriages, $$$, a hugh stack of these already printed, a pool table, etc. (See "Ministry Investors" button on our website homepage). You can use these in pool halls, on craft things, T-shirts, sell at craft shows, use as a wall boarder for around a game room, under glass on a table, etc., just "Get THE WORD out" with us! < as long as nothing is changed on any of these Tile Tracts. If by chance you have a request (see sample at bottom), have a suggestion, question, or see any error, please notify us...