Please tell us what's on your mind. Have you gained in any way by our efforts "to get THE WORD out"? What do you like the most? Can we improve anywhere besides finishing work in progress? Please comment below.

May the good Lord continue to bless all the families of the earthby encouraging His children to use their God-given-gifts to prosper, and prosper others, to help in recruiting for HIS cause, and envelop His protection over all of His work with His children, encluding that which is in progress worldwide.

                                                      - Marie

                            (Thank You all, God love you, we ALL will meet in heaven and enjoy forever!)

2001?   - Dr. Judith Kaminski     "God has truly blessed you, you are my trusted friend."

2002?   - Ace (USAPentagon)     "...a promising enterprise!"(He only saw "The Business Card of Christ")​

2002?  - Psychologist MD          "Do you realize what you have here? You will be asked to speak all over the world...!"

2/2015  - Joseph (husband)        "...thanks for not giving up, looks good!"

3/24/15 - William Carraway          "...I admire your resourcefulness and your clever initiative. Very interesting indeed. :)

2015 - Godaddy Techs                 "Very beautiful site!" "Interesting!" "I will definately make note of this site and come back."

2/2015 - 2 elder ladies at Aldi's   "OMG! You are a saint!"  (Heard my conversation to a friend, and kept staring at me!)

4/13/15 Glen Carlson                    "I saw your website and it is REALLY nice...did you have help building?...You didn't? That                                                                                 is amazing! How long have you had this website? What? Only 2 months? ...yes, certainly,

                                                            'Through Christ we can do all things'."​

                                           (As a matter of fact, today "4/13/15" is the anniversary of 2 months!)

5/28/15 Med. Dr. Richard Schwartz  "That's because God loves you! GOD LOVES YOU! SEE?!
9/21/2015 Emmanuel and Stephen   "It's has been so many years of difficulties in our life but now we are praise God for his grace and mercy. I want to give thanks to God and the Skonecki FAMILY, because years ago, they assisted us by helping my brother and I get food until the devil destroy everything. my brother and I will never forget about you and your family. We are big now and working to better our lifes. thanks a lot again. Emmanuel and Stephen

1/4/2016 Norm Eisen                     "...Remember it is about planting a seed not giving the tree."   < LOL!  Tell the Lord that!